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Work & Travel in BC
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International Explore Canada (IEC) Visa

Canada offers a very simple VISA programme for young travellers wanting to do a working holiday. The age restriction, duration and availability depends on your nationality, though it ranges from about maximum age 30 to maximum age 35. Essentially the IEC (International Explore Canada) VISA will give you one or two years to travel or work in Canada. Additionally, you can work in almost any discipline, or even not work at all. You do not need a job offer to take part, and will simply need a passport and police check in order to apply.

Check your eligibility for the IEC visa programme here.

The basic process is as follows:

  1. First, you enrol into the VISA pool.
  2. Following this, it’s a random selection that decides who is invited to apply for a VISA. Being invited can happen in a week, a month, or some have waited months or even never received an invite.
  3. Finally, once you have your invitation, you can begin your formal application process. From here you should have your visa in a month.

Also, the following Facebook groups are a great community for asking questions to those in the know:

A number of companies sell their services to help you through the application process. My personal opinion is that they're a waste of time.

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