Water Taxi Adventures

Water Taxi Adventures
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A huge appeal of Tofino is the majestic island scenery that surrounds this picturesque coastal town. It would be rude therefore not to explore it! Water Taxi’s offer your easiest way of exploring those stunning landscapes.

A number of companies offer year-round water-taxi services in Tofino, usually during daylight hours. Water taxi’s can be requested right until the last minute, though in peak season, you may be best to book ahead. Jamie’s Whaling station, Tofino Water Taxi, and Lone Cone Campground all provide water taxis.

A few ideas for your water taxi adventures:

  1. Lone Cone Hike ($50 return – 15 min boat ride) –  4 – 5 hour hike with 760m elevation over 3.5 km. Absolutely amazing views up top.
  2. Meares Island Big Tree Trail ($30 return – 15 min boat ride) – 2 hour boardwalk trail with little elevation. I’ve never done the trail, but i’ve heard a lot of great things about this boardwalk trail through the big tree forest.
  3. Vargas Island ($49 return – 15min boat ride) – Explore the white sand beaches on some of Tofino’s remote islands. You can even camp on the remote beaches on the far side of Vargas Island, though plan for a 3km hike on the island itself.

My personal favorite is Lone Cone, which i’ve done in the afternoon sun, as well as the low lying morning fog. Both provided spectacular views. Top Tip: If you stay at the Lone Cone Campground summer months, you’ll get the water taxi for free!