Tunnel Bluffs

Tunnel Bluffs
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Tunnel Bluffs is one of those hikes that rewards you with insane views, for relatively little effort. With a total 5 hour round trip, the hike is fairly short - but my god does this hike deliver on views! Sunset is particularly beautiful up here. The sun casts a low light over the Howe Sound, silhouetting each of the islands to create a vista you'll find difficult to leave!

Eerie Clouds over Tunnel Bluffs Viewpoint
I love this shot of the eerie sunet clouds at Tunnel Bluffs.

Where is Tunnel Bluffs?

The trail-head to Tunnel Bluffs is directly on the Sea to Sky Highway, with limited parking at Tunnel Point (the location of this post). Tunnel Point parking lot is on the South-bound side of the highway, which makes it very difficult / unsafe to access when driving North bound. Instead, drive 4 km further to the u-turn point in the road.

The trail begins directly opposite the North end of the parking lot, which means you'll need to cross two lanes of fast-flowing highway traffic to reach it. Be patient and wait for a big gap in the traffic! Look for the small yellow trail marker in the trees.

Tunnel Point Parking Lot
Tunnel Point Parking Lot, on the South bound side of the highway.
Trailhead marker in the trees

The hike to Tunnel Bluffs is fairly short at 8km, and will take you about 5 hours to complete. The trail climbs approximately 600m and you'll need to wear good trail shoes to navigate the loose terrain, branches & trees etc. Most of the elevation is done in the first half of the hike, so be prepared for some steep sections to begin with. Later in the hike, you'll join an old logging road, making the second half of the hike much easier. You'll find the trail map here.

This hike has become more and more popular in recent years, as regular hikers try to avoid the crowds on the local mountains.


A steeper section climbing through the forest to Tunnel Bluffs.
A steeper section climbing through the forest to Tunnel Bluffs.
Views peeking through the trees.
Howe Sound views peeking through the trees.

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