Take Me To The River

key_info: Time: 5-6hrs

The Chief

Add to Wishlist0The Chief makes a great day trip from Vancouver. It’s often regarded a second intro to hiking in Vancouver, after the Grouse Grind. The trail starts with an uncompromising climb up a series of man-made staircases, before splitting at a couple of well marked intersections that take you two one of the three …

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High Falls Creek Trail Head

Add to Wishlist15 hours. 12km. 650m elevation. A very undiscovered trail which will quickly give you views over the magnificent Squamish valley. The trail involves some steep scramble sections where you’ll use your hands and feet, but nothing too severe. The trail looks over the creek to the right and involves some exposure to heights. …

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Lone Cone Viewpoint

Add to Wishlist1Take a boat from Tofino to the western side of Meares Island. From there you’ll find an 5 hour round trip to the top of the Lone Cone. Be prepared for a mind-blowing view! Tip: If you stay at the Lone Cone campground for just one night your water taxi will be included. …

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